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IDEAL IMPLANT means confidence without compromise.

IDEAL IMPLANT believes that your implant should feel like a part of your body, not an alteration to it. With IDEAL IMPLANT, a saline-based insert, you’re able to continue with your normal routine. You’ll enjoy the benefits of your modification without the worry of a silicone gel implant. We want you to feel like yourself without worrying about your health.

Created after years of research, testing, and feedback from 502 women, IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant that’s made from safe materials for a natural look and feel. IDEAL IMPLANT is FDA and Health Canada approved and includes a limited warranty, so you can feel as confident about your choice as you will about your appearance.

The IDEAL IMPLANT difference:

1) Designed by a plastic surgeon, IDEAL IMPLANT combines a natural feel with the security of saline.
2) With IDEAL IMPLANT, a rare rupture is easily detected and the saline is safely absorbed by your body. With a silicone implant, you may not know if your implants are intact or ruptured, and they require an MRI breast scan for detection.
3) Saline is a natural combination of sodium and chloride, commonly known as salt. Whereas silicone is a synthetic, rubber compound with a gel-filled base.

Original Saline Silicone IDEAL IMPLANT
Texture Water balloon Gel-like breast tissue Structure breast
Longevity Upper portion tends to collapse and/or wrinkle Damaged if exposed to small incision and undetectable ruptures Controls movement of saline and rarely ruptures
Components Sodium chloride (NaCl) Silicone gel Sodium chloride (NaCl)