At Harris Plastic Surgery, we believe that the decision to undergo non-surgical or surgical cosmetic procedures requires a cooperative and supportive environment between the patient and the surgical team. It is our goal at Harris Plastic Surgery to be the complete resource for patients to learn about options for aesthetic enhancement, based on each patients’ individualized and customized needs.

At Harris Plastic Surgery, we believe that cosmetic or aesthetic enhancement is an experience, not just a procedure. Joanne, our patient coordinator, serves a leadership role in navigating the journey to aesthetic enhancement from the initial contact, by email, phone, or in person, through full recovery. She can answer all questions regarding the consultation process and scheduling, as well as facility and fee information for all procedures.

Dr. Harris with his clinical team, Colleen Johnson, RPAC, and Stephanie Bevilacqua, MA, are intimately involved with every step of the clinical process. We will listen and understand patient expectations, educate patients about their options, and customize the cosmetic treatment plan for each patient based on detailed physical examination. Dr. Harris and Colleen are available 24/7 to ensure continuity of care before and after any non-surgical or surgical cosmetic procedure.

We have a supportive network of happy patients at Harris Plastic Surgery who have had a successful #cosmeticsurgeryexperience, and can serve as a resource to all of our prospective patients at any point in their journey to aesthetic enhancement. In fact, the majority of our new patients are referred by our existing base of satisfied patients! Many of our patients participate in educational symposia at Harris Plastic Surgery, to educate prospective patients and doctors regarding the patient experience with non surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. The #cosmeticsurgeryexperience at Harris Plastic Surgery is a true collaboration between our team and each patient!