How Much Does Reduction Mammoplasty Cost?

How much does reduction mammoplasty cost?

Breast reduction surgery is also known as a reduction mammoplasty. Reduction mammoplasty involves the removal of excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to lessen the physical discomfort individuals with large breasts experience.

If you are someone who needs a breast reduction, one of your first questions will probably be, “How much does reduction mammoplasty cost?” To answer that question, we need to consider all the factors.

Surgical costs vary based on the reasons for surgery, who performs the surgery, and whether insurance will cover the procedures. Let’s examine these considerations in more detail.

Cost of Reduction Mammoplasty

The average cost of reduction mammoplasty can range from $16,000 to $25,000 if you have to pay entirely out-of-pocket and depends on several factors.

What Goes Into The Cost of Reduction Mammoplasty?

Surgeon’s Fees

This is the baseline fee a surgeon charges to perform the reduction mammoplasty procedures.

Hospital or Facility Fees

These are determined by the facility where you will have the surgery and can include operating room costs and overhead charges.

Anesthesia Fees

Breast reduction mammoplasty is completed under general anesthesia, which means you will be asleep for the whole procedure. 

Post-surgical Needs

After surgery, you will probably need pain medication for a short while. After surgery, you may also need post-surgical garments or bras for additional support and healing.

Laboratory Tests

If anything unusual is found during surgery, tissue samples may be taken and sent for additional testing.

Knowing everything that determines how much a reduction mammoplasty costs, the next step is to figure out if and how much insurance will pay to offset these costs. 

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Reduction Mammoplasty?

For many women needing a reduction mammoplasty, insurance will deem the operation medically necessary and cover some or all associated costs. In those cases where an insurance predetermination is favorable, only an insurance deductible will need to be paid upfront.  Choosing a plastic surgeon with a designated Insurance Coordinator will help you get the most from your insurance coverage with less hassle.

When Is a Reduction Mammoplasty Medically Necessary?

Chronic Pain

If you are seeking treatment for chronic pain in your neck, back, or shoulders due to the weight of your breasts, a reduction mammoplasty is often deemed medically necessary.

Skin Conditions

Certain skin conditions like intertrigo (red, inflamed, and itchy rashes that can break open and lead to infections) in the skin folds under the breast can indicate a breast reduction is medically necessary.

Shoulder Gooving

Shoulder grooving is caused by the pressure of bra straps continuously pulling down on the skin and muscles of your shoulders from the weight of your breasts. 

Schnur Scale

The Schnur scale is a measurement calculator designed by plastic surgeons and used by insurance companies to determine if the amount of tissue that needs to be removed from your breasts makes the surgery medically necessary.

If you suffer from these conditions, especially if other treatment measures or lifestyle changes have not resolved them, your surgery will most likely be deemed as a medically necessary procedure and covered by insurance. 

Choosing the Right Reduction Mammoplasty Team 

Having the right support in place can make any surgical experience better. If you want to improve your life by getting a reduction mammoplasty, you should begin by choosing the best team and the best surgeon. Dr. Harris has extensive training and experience in breast reduction mammoplasty techniques and is a strong patient advocate to make sure you get the results you want. 

Not only is Dr. Harris an expert surgeon, he is surrounded by an expert support staff to help you with all aspects of your treatment and insurance coordination. Joanne Parinello is well-known for her dedication to patients by ensuring an overall positive experience. She will act as a liaison between you and your insurance to help you get the most from your coverage and walk with you every step of the way to get answers to all of your questions and explain the answers so you actually understand the complicated wording of all insurance plans. 

Harris Plastic Surgery for Your Reconstruction Needs

At Harris Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to helping women improve their lives by improving their health. If you are considering a breast reduction and are tired of trying to find out on your own what the cost of a reduction mammoplasty could be, contact our office today. We are here for you.

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Joanne Parrinello, Practice Manager

Joanne Parrinello is an expert patient care coordinator, with two decades of experience navigating the complex financial side of medically necessary breast reduction and reconstruction surgery. She acts as a guide to patients, helping them understand their options and their expected out-of-pocket expense. The insurance industry can be complex and filled with jargon that makes you feel like you need a translator. At Harris Plastic Surgery, Joanne is that translator.

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