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Whether you’re struggling to breathe through your nose or you’re simply unhappy with its appearance, rhinoplasty could be the solution. This procedure can help improve the size, shape, and appearance of your nose while correcting any functional issues that can cause breathing difficulties.

If you’re searching for Long Island rhinoplasty, look no further than Harris Plastic Surgery. We offer rhinoplasty procedures to help our patients achieve the balanced and proportionate nose they desire.

Rhinoplasty Treatment Plans Built Just for You

Every procedure starts with a detailed initial consultation with Dr. Harris. After all, everyone has a different reason for pursuing rhinoplasty. Most of the patients we see fall into one of four groups:

Aesthetic Improvements

Many of our patients come to us hoping to improve the size, shape, and symmetry of their noses.

Breathing Issues

Deviated septums, enlarged turbinates, and collapsed nasal valves have caused lifelong breathing issues for some of our patients seeking Long Island rhinoplasty services.


Traumatic events can cause permanent issues with both the form and the function of someone’s nose.

Prior Rhinoplasty

Some of our patients come to us because they have had a prior rhinoplasty and are dissatisfied with their results.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Harris will perform a detailed examination of your nose to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses both cosmetic and functional concerns. 3D computer imaging can be used to give you a better idea of what your nose could look like after the procedure.

Precision Rhinoplasty at Our Long Island Office 

Dr. Harris uses the 3D model from your consultation to establish a detailed surgical plan. With that in place, he’s able to achieve more predictable and consistent results while also minimizing the risk of complications and reducing recovery time. This approach helps Dr. Harris make sure that every patient achieves the best possible outcome.

Revision Rhinoplasty Options

A prior rhinoplasty may have left you with unsatisfactory results like nasal asymmetry, breathing difficulties, or aesthetic imperfections that appeared over time. Your prior surgical history makes your case slightly more complex. It’s critical to work with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Our revision rhinoplasty procedure follows the same precision process as primary rhinoplasty patients. Through the examination, consultation, and 3D review, Dr. Harris will come up with a detailed strategy to correct your results and get you the outcome you desire.

What to Expect During and After Rhinoplasty Surgery 

The rhinoplasty procedure typically takes between two and four hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Harris uses an open approach, making a small incision at the base of the nose and using internal nasal incisions to access the bones and cartilage. This allows him to make precise changes to the nasal structure.

After the procedure, a nasal splint is placed to support the nose as it heals. The splint is typically removed in the office after one week.

The results of rhinoplasty are typically noticeable immediately, with continued refinement for up to a year after the procedure. Patients often report improvements in their appearance, confidence, and overall well-being after their surgeries.

Harris Plastic Surgery stands out for Long Island rhinoplasty due to our extensive experience, precision approach to surgery, and total focus on patient well-being. Whether you want to improve your appearance, your breathing, or both, we can develop a plan to fit your goals and your lifestyle.

If you're considering rhinoplasty on Long Island, contact Harris Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.