In the aftermath of a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is a vital step towards recovery and restoration. Your choice of surgeon will affect your entire well-being, not just your silhouette. The below breast reconstruction before and after pictures are just a small sample of what you can expect from our team at Harris Plastic Surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Before and After: Results from Real Patients

Breast reconstruction before and after photos can help you understand how your reconstruction will appear post-surgery. Still, it would be best if you also got a detailed consultation from a plastic surgeon before deciding. Here are some breast reconstruction photos from our satisfied patients.

Patient #1

Some patients at higher risk of certain cancers choose to go with a preventative mastectomy and get a reconstruction immediately after, in a single surgery. This approach speeds their recovery and reduces the need for follow-up procedures later. 

Patient #2

Following a total mastectomy, many patients worry that they don’t have the tissue needed to reconstruct their breasts. However, at Harris Plastic Surgery., we’ve found that’s rarely the case. 

Patient #3

Breast reconstruction surgery can also be an opportunity to lift and refine your breasts, creating a more youthful appearance.

Scarring from breast reconstruction is often a concern, but a skilled plastic surgeon can strategically place incisions and surgical marks in easy-to-hide places, like under the breast.  

The Non-Aesthetic Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

While the breast reconstruction before and after photos above provide a good idea of what you can expect from an aesthetic perspective, it’s essential to also consider the additional benefits it offers. Here are just a few our patient’s report; 

  • Sensation. Certain techniques can allow re-sensation in a breast following mastectomy using nerve grafting. While this isn’t possible in all cases, there are options available to discuss with your medical team.
  • Improved posture. The balance and symmetry from a breast reconstruction can help to improve your posture, which affects your overall well-being. Better posture can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues and discomfort, enhancing your quality of life.
  • Better clothing fit. Women who have undergone a mastectomy may have relied on prosthetics to fit their clothing properly. Reconstruction can offer a more natural contour, making it easier to find well-fitting clothing off the rack. 
  • Emotional well-being. For many breast cancer survivors, reconstruction provides a sense of closure and accomplishment. They’ve survived or reduced their cancer risk, and breast reconstruction marks the triumphant end of that journey. 

It’s important to note that breast reconstruction surgery is typically considered a medically necessary procedure under state and federal laws. That means your insurance is required to cover it. Make sure you work with a plastic surgeon’s office that is well-versed in these laws so you can maximize your coverage.

The above breast reconstruction before and after photos may be a good guideline, but they can’t give you the full picture of what to expect. You’ll need a consultation with a qualified, compassionate, and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Stephen Harris. 

To see more breast reconstruction before and after images and discuss what to expect, reach out to Harris Plastic Surgery for a consultation.